1. DO INVITATION AND STATIONERY PRICES INCLUDE ALL PRINTING? Yes, all prices listed on our website include all printing. This includes invitation wording, Place Card names, guest names on Flat double sided and Folded Invitations as well as guest names and addresses on Envelopes.

2. ARE THE PLACE CARDS FREE STANDING? Yes, the Place Cards are free standing, they are folded tent style.

3. WHAT COLOURS ARE AVAILABLE WHEN I AM ALLOWED TO SELECT MY OWN COLOURS? You have the choice of any colours you wish, there are no limitations. Just let us know what colours you are after and where on the invitation and stationery you would like the changes. Alternatively you can email us swatches or images of your requested colours for our designers to match. This is a free service.

4. IF I REQUIRE CUSTOM COLOURS, WHEN AND HOW DO I VIEW THEM AS SAMPLE PACKS ARE NOT CUSTOMISED? When you are ready to order, list your requested colours on the order form and email it to us along with any other details needed. We will then email you your proofs in your requested colours and details for you to confirm.

5. WHAT DOES (NO MINIMUM ORDER. ORDERS UNDER $100 WILL INCUR A $25 SETUP FEE) MEAN? There is no minimum order of any item, however if your order total is under $100 a $25 setup fee will apply. The fee is to cover minimum design and operating costs. You will be able to view this on the order form.

6. CAN I SUPPLY MY OWN INVITATION AND WISHING WELL WORDING? Yes, you can supply your own wording for both the invitation and wishing well. All you need to do is email us your preferred wording along with the order form when ordering. This is a free service.

7. CAN I REQUEST A THANK YOU MESSAGE TO BE PRINTED ON MY THANK YOU CARDS? Yes, you can supply us with your own thank you message to be printed on the thank you cards. As long as the message you wish to be printed is the same for all thank you cards there is no additional charge for this. Please email us your requested thank you message along with the order form when ordering.

8. DO YOU PRINT INVITATIONS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGES? Yes, we can print your invitations in any language as long as you email us your wording in your requested language along with the langauge font file if necessary. If you are ordering a folded invitation we can print your invitation wording both in English and in a foreign language on the insides of the invitation. This is a free service.

9. DO YOU HAVE A SHOWROOM OR SHOP? We do not have a showroom or shop, we are an online store servicing Australia Wide and World Wide. Being an online store means that we have lower costs hence we can offer you our low prices and 1000's of quality stationery products for you to view at your convenience.

10. IS IT POSSIBLE TO ORDER INVITATIONS, RSVP'S ETC NOW AND THEN ORDER THE REST OF MY STATIONERY LATER ON? Yes, this is possible. Its totally up to you. You can order everything together or place a seperate order later on. All you need to do is follow the order process each time you order.